Credit Card LifeHack: How to travel anywhere for FREE with just a few minutes of work

Credit Card LifeHack: How to travel anywhere for FREE with just a few minutes of work

Also known as Credit Card Churning, one thing I’ve been doing for fun on the side is racking up credit card points. I’ve been able to fly to Canada to visit family multiple times for completely free, literally just by opening up a credit. I have enough points now to fly round trip first class to pretty much anywhere in the world, and stay a few nights at a world class resort, all for free, and this only took a few minutes of my time. Here’s how. Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

One thing most people don’t know – you can actually profit, quite a lot, from credit card sign up bonuses. Lets face it, credit companies make money off people who carry balances and don’t pay off their bill. The interest credit cards charge is astronomical and most people lose a ton of money every year to credit card interest payments. So to lure people in, credit cards will offer a sign up bonus. Usually if you spend a few thousand dollars in the first few months of opening a card, they’ll give you a certain amount of points- this is called the minimum spend. Once you hit the minimum spend, those points are deposited to your account and can be redeemed for travel, hotel, or sometimes it’s cash.

1. Credit Cards make money off people who charge money on the account and don’t pay it off in full. Do not be that guy (or girl) who keeps a balance on a credit card and pays interest. To do this effectively, charge the minimum spend needed to hit the bonus – with money you would have spent anyway – and pay it off in full.

2. This is not for beginners. If you’re just starting out, do not do this. This is meant for someone with already established credit history and a good credit score.

3. . This is not for people who can’t responsibly handle credit card. Do not buy things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy just because you have more credit.

4. Credit Card bonuses can be redeemed for free travel, free rental cars, free hotels, cash back…the possibilities are endless. It costs you nothing other than spending money you would already be spending, anyway.

5. The best ways to use these points is by transferring the points to an airline and then booking directly with the airline. Usually booking plane tickets through the credit cards portal offers you a lower rate.

Using this strategy, and browsing reddit, I’ve made thousands in points and gotten free airfare, travel, and hotels for free with almost no work. Do this correctly and you can continue building your credit while getting free stuff at the same time.

Favorite website:

My favorite cards:
1. American Express Gold – (Incognito mode for 50k offer)
2. American Express Platinum –
3. Chase Sapphire Reserve
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred
5. Bank of America Cash Rewards –

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How to Improve your Credit Score – Get a Better Credit Score using these Tips!

< things kind =" application/x-shockwave-flash" style=" size:425 px; height:355 px;" data=" //" >< param name =" film" worth="//"/ > Indication up for your free credit rating with Credit rating Sesame below: Are you seeking means to raise your credit history by utilizing pointers or techniques? In this video we plan to teach you how a credit report is computed, why it is crucial, and also things you could do each month to enhance the top quality of your debt report.

What is “credit rating”?

In the credit report world, the term “credit score” just suggests your reputation as a borrower and also it pertains to your history of remaining on top of fundings as well as charge card.

How is Credit history computed?

-10% Kind of Credit scores -10% New Credit report -15% Size of Credit scores -35% Repayment History -30% Amounts Owed Why are they crucial?

If you typically aren’t incredibly abundant, you are possibly mosting likely to need to go into financial debt to spend for things such as automobiles or homes, as well as increasing your credit report currently, which boosts your reputation as a customer, can lower your rates of interest on future acquisitions. Credit Sesame Sponsored a portion of this video clip. A lowered rates of interest could bring about paying significantly less on such things.

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My Credit Score: 848 – Credit Card Hacks and How I got it. | BeatTheBush

Going over some basic tips on how to get a high credit score. But once you get a high credit score, what do you do with it? You take advantage of it to get all the great cash back deals of course!

For Chase Sapphire:
Video said spend 00 but it is spend 00 first three months and get 40,000 in points (If you spend the 40k points on travel you get an additional 25% value).

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annual fee first year but second so make sure you mark your calenders to cancel it before it charges you.

My other favorite cards I mentioned are:
SallieMae Rewards (Now owned by Barclaycard)
Us Bank Cash+
Fidelity Investment Rewards

BofA credit cards: Since the initial posting of this video BofA credit cards turned on the feature to autopay in full. You can now do this through their website.

Get a free credit report here: (not sponsored) is a government mandated site that will not ask for a credit card and is the ONLY authorized website for free credit reports. If another site offers you a free report, they are trying to sell you something.

MAJOR warning here. If you go around getting all these credit cards, make very sure you are a responsible credit user first. If not you’ll end up paying the credit card companies instead of them paying you! For example, do not carry a balance EVER or else you’ll pay 12-24% interest rate. Do not pay late or you’ll rack up something like each late fee… ouch!

If you have a need to fill up the spending requirements on a new credit card, try Amazon gift card reload here:

Reloading a gift card is a valid way to offset your Amazon purchases later. You buy the card now to fill up the spend requirements, and you slowly spend it as needed when you buy things the next few months. The gift card credit does not expire.

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Fruits of being credit healthy are always sweet!

by pennstatenews It is a common

technique nowadays to go for a full medical examination up quarterly or half annual. However have you ever before considered inspecting up your credit report health and wellness? Being physically and also emotionally sound is it’s not surprising that a requirement for a pleased life. However, at the exact same time, it will certainly be just silly to overlook you credit score health and wellness particularly at once when credit rating plays a crucial duty while taking significant decisions like purchasing a residence or an automobile. You need to be similarly vigilant – as a matter of fact do your ideal to keep an acceptable health and wellness of your credit score life simply like you would provide for your personal wellness.

The demand for a well planned credit health and wellness technique may not appear extremely considerable in the beginning look. Nonetheless, its significance will certainly surface when you have to get finances, credit rating cards, account opening and also all various other sort of credit report facilities. But firstly, you have to recognize that a debt rating speaks volumes regarding your personality and your ability. That is why it is implicitly agreed that these 2 acknowledgments are the 2 most essential C’s of credit history wellness. If you are liable in managing your funds, it instantly reviews your credit scores record and also the other way around.
You credit history is collected by credit score bureaus like Cibil as well as Equifax and also they gather your credit scores data using both qualitative as well as quantitative actions. Quantitatively, it is essentially the information furnishers like the financial institutions, credit report card companies with whom you have had a background of economic transaction. As well as qualitatively, it is the subjective aspects mostly – Character, Capacity, Resources, Security and Problems. Through these 2 evaluation strategies, credit history bureaus could collect all your details that they have to prepare your credit score record. Therefore, you could see that a great deal depends upon your background of financing settlements and also defaults, bank card expenses, etc.
. An additional thing to remember is that bankers and also lenders always contact credit rating bureaus about your Cibil credit scores report whenever you make an application for cars and truck fundings, home car loans, credit score cards, telephone communication. If you rack up well in your credit score report with anything in between 700 to 900 factors, your demand will be conveniently refined and also authorized. Moreover, financial institutions normally request lower rates of rate of interest for those that have a healthy and balanced credit history. As a result you could see that a good debt report is equally linked to conserving more loan and also appropriately raising your bank equilibrium.
Besides finances and also charge card, one more really crucial element of life that is at times, if not always, influenced by your credit history wellness is your occupation. This might come as an intriguing discovery for you since few can understand the link between credit report rating and job leads. Well, it could not influence much if you are getting an entry degree position. Yet if you are going to going to be posted where you should handle cash as well as ignore the financial aspect of the company, you will surely have to give your possible employers the right to experience your credit scores report due to the fact that, if you don’t then it certainly offers a wrong impact.
So by now you need to have obtained an extremely clear expertise concerning the requirement to score high up on your debt record. And also if you are of poor credit score wellness, you are mosting likely to lose out loads of opportunities in the future. However all is not lost yet! To accommodate people like you that need proper support, a great deal of credit scores wellness improvement companies have actually shown up in the country. This has transformed out to be of much relief for the usual male that are not way too much conscious of the bombastic economic terms and also thus track behind in the high scoring league.
One such credit history fixing firm is Credit rating Sudhaar who has actually sculpted a specific niche of their own in the credit scores renovation market. They are concentrated on giving assistance to individuals with reduced credit scores factors via their specialized services and technological technique. They have a committed team of professionals that are expert in the area of credit scores improvement as well as thus provide beneficial solutions to its renowned group of customers.
Credit report Sudhaar has the distinction of offering a 4 stage customized strategy that will certainly keep track of every relocation you make. Its skilled specialists will certainly not leave your side up until you take pride in a decent credit history health and wellness. Right from interpreting your credit rating record, recognizing the concerns with the record, detailed evaluation and afterwards organizing an action by action plan to improve your credit history wellness – this is one of the most proper company you ought to come close to if you intend to be a debt healthy person.

Credit history Sudhaar is India’s very first Credit scores Health and wellness management & & improvement business whose goal is in order to help clients to Recover, Boost and Safeguard their Credit score as well as make them credit history healthy and balanced.