How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt: Other Options (Debt Management 3/4)

How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt: Other Options (Debt Management 3/4)

In this video, you’ll learn how to get out of credit card debt without a balance transfer card! We cover everything from personal loans, to 401k loans, to HELOCs, to how to contact the NFCC.

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Debt Settlement vs. Debt Management — As Americans struggle to manage their finances through the economic downturn, many are turning to the debt servicing industry for assistance. Unfortunately, the public routinely confuses the types of services provided by debt settlement and debt management agencies, which differ significantly.Watch this week’s webisode from Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. to learn more. Host: Community Outreach Director, Thomas J. Fox.

Transcription: In our last episode we discussed problems involving the debt settlement industry. We’ve received a fair amount of feedback, and among your most-asked questions was “What is the difference between debt settlement and debt management?” As we said in that webisode, debt settlement companies offer your creditors a lump sum payment for less than the balance owed to satisfy your obligation. In order to negotiate these lower amounts, debt settlement companies need a very important bargaining chip – money.

Creditors are often willing to accept a lower payment to settle a debt, providing the payment can be made right away. If the creditor agrees to accept a settlement of 00 on a ,000 debt, the 00 would have to be paid immediately. This is an impossible scenario for many consumers. Let’s face it: if we could put together a few thousand dollars quickly to satisfy our financial obligations, we probably wouldn’t be looking for help in the first place. In order to accumulate the necessary funds to settle your account, the debt settlement company holds your money in an escrow account, typically for several months. In the meantime, your creditor is not being paid, interest and late fees are added to your balance – increasing your debt, and the collection calls are continuing.

Holding money while creditors go unpaid is the greatest problem associated with debt settlement, but there are other drawbacks. The fees that debt settlement companies charge are often astronomical – usually a hefty percentage of either your total indebtedness or the amount settled for, as well as monthly service charges while they wait out your creditor. In addition, debt settlements may result in tax liabilities if 0.00 or more in principal is forgiven.

Debt management agencies, on the other hand, offer services that can help you reclaim control of your financial well-being. A reputable agency will perform a full financial assessment to help diagnose the root cause of your difficulty. A certified counselor will work with you to create effective, realistic solutions that address your specific situation. In some circumstances, a small percentage of consumers may benefit from the structured guidance of a debt repayment plan. Unlike debt settlement, debt management programs are supported through the active participation of your creditors. These plans work to make monthly obligations to creditors more manageable, most often through concessions such as a reduction in your current interest rate and the elimination of any late or over-limit fees you may be paying. In return, you simply agree to close the account with your creditor and maintain your monthly payment. In this scenario, creditors don’t experience the disruption they go through with a debt settlement service. Therefore, you are not walking away from your debt. You are paying back what you owe, but doing so with terms that may be more manageable for your situation. Let’s take a closer look at some of the concessions granted by creditors.

As I said, many creditors will reduce the interest rate on an account enrolled in a debt management plan, or DMP. Some creditors grant an outright interest rate reduction, meaning that they will reduce the rate to a level established for all consumers who enroll. Other creditors reserve the right to offer benefits on a case-by-case basis. Clients who meet the creditor’s criteria receive one interest rate, while those enduring a greater financial hardship may receive an even lower rate to accommodate their situation.

A creditor may also re-age an account. If you were delinquent on your account prior to enrolling in the debt management program, some creditors are willing to bring the account to a current status, even if the consumer does not pay the full amount due. This usually takes place after three to four payments have been made through the program, although it can occur sooner, depending on the particular creditor’s policy. The current status would then be reflected on the consumer’s credit report, and the statements from their creditors would no longer show any past-due amounts. Finally, some creditors may eliminate late and/or overlimit fees. This occurs either upon receipt of the proposed payment arrangement or when the account is brought current or re-aged. If a creditor’s policy is to waive its fees upon re-aging an account, fees would be charged until that point is reached, usually 3-4 months into the plan.

Personal Loans 101 (Debt Management 4/4)

In this video clip, you will find out all you need to learn about unsecured loans! We cover what they are, the way they work, and how to use all of them. Perfect for those looking to get away from personal credit card debt!

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Debt Counseling Business Promotional Whiteboard Video

Debt Counseling Business Promotional Whiteboard Video to promote your debt counseling business. We can customize this video with your contact information. We produce high quality videos for business promotion that are affordable, captivating and engaging. What can we create for your business? Contact us today!
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Cards and cars: consumer credit and personal debt are the new threat to the UK economy

Newsnight 18 July 2017

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How to get rid of credit card debt FAST

< item type =" application/x-shockwave-flash "style =" size:425 px; height:355 px;" information="//" >< param name= "movie "worth="//"/ > This video clip is mosting likely to aid anybody who has charge card debt as well as wishes to pay them off quickly. Charge card commonly have really high rates of interest, so exactly what could you do to lower your rate of interest. Watch and locate



Pay off your Debt- Fast! & avoid the #1 Mistake most people make So allow me tell you about how my ex-husband completely screwed me over as well as exactly how I learned the fastest way to repay financial debt.

When I was 15 I bought my very first vehicle (cash). I had worked under the table because I was 14 to save for it. I was so happy.

Fast onward a pair years to when I located myself expectant at 17. I understood I required an also better car compared to I had, one that was safer and would certainly last but I had no financial savings, so my father co-signed for me for a,000 personal financing. I sold my old car and utilized that cash to buy an older, yet reputable, Honda Accord.

Around this exact same time, I took out a,000 institution loan.

Then I had my first maternity and baby. There were significant issues with her as well as though I had excellent insurance policy, I was entrusted,000 in medical costs.

Right then, I wed my soon-to-be ex-husband. If you have actually followed my tale thus far, then you understand just what a huge douche he ended up being.

He got a charge card as well as maxed it out for,000 from getting all type of silly things (computer game, motion pictures, that understands what else). My name had not been on the point.

In one of his efforts to buy back my love after his affairs, he went out and also obtained me a brand-new automobile, an SUV that I enjoyed. He began driving the Honda, that had my name on it.

Months later after attempting to exercise our marital relationship as well as him disloyalty, yet once more, I removed with the youngsters as well as the SUV as well as started our brand-new life.

While in the process of separation, we equally concurred that he would maintain the Honda and we would switch over the SUV right into my name.

While literally waiting at a red light, on the means to the court house, a person crashed right into me as well as totaled the SUV.

We had actually currently repaid,000 of it and also all of that insurance policy cash went to him, since it was still in his name. Of program I really did not see a cent of it.

So I had to go out and also get a new cars and truck. I didn’t have any type of cash to take down so I secured a,000 auto loan.

AFTER THAT I figure out that douchehead had never in fact place my old Honda in his name, which he had actually collapsed it into a palm tree and left the scene. Considering that my name was still on the registration the cops were looking for me for a hit as well as run.

I promptly went down to the terminal, discussed the circumstance and removed my name yet the car had been pulled and sat in take for weeks as well as had actually occurred almost,000 in pen costs.

If you haven’t maintained so far, I was,000 in the red up until now at the age of 20.

After my separation wrapped up, I consulted from a credit scores professional and paid off nearly all my financial debt within a pair years.

If I had just gone at it blindly, I would’ve tossed a great deal of loan away, like the majority of people do.

In today’s video I’ll show to you the incredibly simple method to settle debt, and how you can stay clear of the 1 blunder a lot of people make, which wastes their priceless loan at the same time.
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How Do Debt Management Plans (DMPs) Work?

Today, I’m going over what debt management plans. I’ll go over what they are, how they work, and debunk a few myths that have been popping up around the Interwebs.

List of non-profit credit counseling agencies (I used Money Management International):


Dispute Online Credit Repair || Fix Your Credit Fast How To Repair Your Own Credit Live Debt Free

< object type= "application/x-shockwave-flash" style= "width:425 px; elevation:355 px;" information ="//" > SOLUTION YOUR CREDIT RATING NOW (Do It Yourself): Frequently Asked Question’s What happens if I’ve Contested Online? Mailing disagreement letters?

OFTEN ASKED CONCERNS: BOOKS THAT TRANSFORMED MY LIFE The best ways to Obtain Abundant by Felix Dennis: 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss: The Life-altering Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo: The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick: I Will certainly Show You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi:

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How To Find the Best Debt Consolidation Company

Many people need best debt consolidation business to eliminate an upsetting debt obligations. A debt consolidation reduction company is the one that will allow you to easily pay back your entire debts in order to increase credit ratings. Top debt consolidating business can counsel you from the best debt consolidation reduction item to your requirements.

If you have a great deal of debt, or you are having difficulty making the minimum monthly payments timely, you will need debt consolidation. Both of these products lead you to have a minimal credit score. You wish to look for debt consolidating using best debt consolidation reduction company to relieve the strain of holding high balances on the credit cards and also to raise up your credit ratings.

There are many companies offered to help you get debt consolidation reduction. The debt counselor will review your money which help you choose the best debt consolidation reduction system. There are lots of alternatives to consolidate your account including a consolidation loan, debt consolidating without a loan, and debt settlement.

You’ll find the most effective debt consolidating business once you do a search on the internet. You’ll find internet sites with articles, information, and quote kinds. Fill in a debt combination quote form and a debt counselor will call you. They are going to give you details about every one of the programs that you qualify for in order to become free of financial obligation.

You must choose the most readily useful debt consolidation reduction organization to get off financial obligation. A debt consolidation reduction businesses will know tips negotiate with your lenders and loan providers so that you can receive the least expensive rates of interest readily available for a debt consolidation system. They’ll be capable of getting your charges paid down or eradicated. If you should be pursuing a consolidation loan for your records, they will help you to get that loan with all the most effective prices and repayment term so your monthly premiums is likely to be affordable. Occasionally you should obtain debt negotiation in order to be debt free, while the most useful debt consolidating business have great rapport with all the financial institutions to enable you to receive the most readily useful settlement offer to get your loans repaid.

With debt consolidation, a consolidation loan, or debt consolidation it is possible to pay only one inexpensive payment per month and free your self through the hassle of spending numerous installments to various lenders. At the end of your debt consolidation term, you are debt no-cost. It is essential to learn how to follow a budget while you are in debt consolidation so that you cannot fall under your debt trap once more and require debt consolidation reduction in the foreseeable future.

While selecting the right debt consolidation organization, be careful to read through the stipulations like interest levels and shutting prices. This is important, because in the event that you select the wrong give you might wind up having to pay greater total interest.

Since you do not want to stay using tension of debt, the debt consolidation organization is likewise in a position to assist you in finding where you are able to cut your expenses and start saving cash. You will need to avoid your credit cards, so save one for problems and cut-up the remainder. Ideal debt consolidation business cannot keep you regarding debt in the event that you continue overspending. Should you choose work proceed with the debt consolidation plan and figure out how to live within you implies, it will be possible to call home financial obligation no-cost.

Brenda Lengel is a professional on credit debt advice. To find out simple tips to make use of debt consolidation, see the woman site to have your no-cost debt consolidation quote.

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How to Pay Down Debt – Debt Counseling

Paying down debt is difficult, but not at all impossible. By speaking with a trained debt management professional you can learn how to pay down debt.

Even individuals with good salaries can be running up unsustainable debts.
Learning to recognize debt warning signs will help to you avoid a debt crisis before it is too late.

Are your monthly balances approaching your credit limits? Are you only able to pay your minimum monthly balance? These are warning sign of a possible debt crisis in your future. If you want to learn how to pay down debt, or avoid it in the first place, consider a free counseling session with a debt management professional at Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions.

To learn more about debt management plans, please visit the Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions website:

Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions
8000 Franklin Farms Drive
Richmond, VA 23229
(800) 750-2227
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WATCH: How debt counselling works, and what you save

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Budget and Debt guidance

Do you’ve got credit or financial obligation problems? It’s not just you. Cash Management Overseas offers no-cost budget and financial obligation guidance to those that need help with budgeting, money management skills, and credit problems. Licensed counselors take the time to thoroughly comprehend your circumstances and provide you with specific guidance. Wondering if credit guidance could be the correct choice for you? Watch this video for more information on the solutions MMI provides.
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